Monday, July 10, 2017



It's time to refocus on the correct vision. That has been our goal for the past several weeks. 

Have you ever been so engulfed in your current situation that you look up to realize that over 2 years has flown by and it was all a blur? It almost seems like it didn't happen. That's where we are.
Homeschool is my heart, but because of commitments, we put homeschool on the back burner and enrolled our youngest 3 in public school... we put our family, our marriage, and our time second to a vision that belonged to someone else. So now, we FOCUS on the vision that God has placed on our hearts. 
Back to homeschool and learning together! Back to the vision that God has given our family...and we couldn't be happier. Stress has lifted, and peace has overwhelmed us. We are grateful for some of the relationships that were made and the lessons that were learned.

Through it all, our eyes are on God. That hasn't wavered. I read this today on Facebook, but it captured my attention-
Don't let your emotional attachment hinder your spiritual assignment.

Also, we sought counsel from a dear pastor. One of the things that he challenged us with was this-
sure, we were surrounded with favor in that place, but the truth is, God's favor is on you as individuals. God sets your steps before you. His vision is it. He is your one and only spiritual father. 
That's when peace sets in. 
So we move forward with God's joy as our strength! 

We will be traveling quite a bit within the next month, but we are looking forward to the schedule and accountability of a homeschool routine. Jaela starts high school. (God help me...) Jonah will be starting 7th grade. (while thinking he is everyone's math teacher) Joelle will start 5th grade. (reading more books that I can count! My little bookworm.) Jesse-Ava is starting 4th grade. (with hopes of catching up to her brothers math level!) I am so proud of these kiddos. 
Family has proven to be our constant. These people (Jeremiah's oldest brother and his wife) have been our best friends for many years, but it is amazing to see the strength that we pull from each other in times of stress. They listen, encourage, correct, ask the tough questions, and mostly- the love us through every situation. Grateful doesn't even begin to scratch the feelings surface. 

And they make the best vacation buddies! Colorado camping...Mohr Cruise 2017! Can't wait!

We took a few family mini-staycations. We booked a hotel and explored Houston. We love this area! We spent a lot of time in the pool, walking, more walking, and more walking, eating a lot, and finding cool graffiti! It was exactly what we needed. 

I thought I would end this with an update on my epilepsy journey.
At this time last year, I was in the middle of my position as the Children's Director and acting as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Brazos River Flood Relief. My stress level (one of my number one seizure triggers) was through the roof! I had a seizure at our pool that landed me in the hospital. Things are much better now! I have had minimal seizures over the past couple of months, and I have huge hopes that it stays that way. 

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