Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good..........

Jaela, Jonah, and Joelle were excited to hear the ice cream truck in our neighborhood on Friday. And so it begins.... I am sure they will be by our house a lot this summer! Even Princess and Lilly were excited.

We are in the process of laying new grass in our backyard. Man is it WORK! Our neighbor has been so awesome to help with the dirty work. The grass was delivered at 3:00 AM!!!

Today, our friend Josh will be here. He is an old friend of Jeremiah's. He will be playing keys with Jeremiah and the worship team... we are in for a ton of fun during his visit!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jaela's birthday present.

Meet ~Lilly Bell~

Happy Birthday to Jesse Ava and Jaela Lauren!!

and more pics....


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

behind again!!!

Man, I can't keep up! No preaching this time, just all fun! We have had company every weekend for the past month...and it doesn't stop there!! Our family is so blessed to have great friends. I lost my camera about 2 weeks ago. That means I don't have cute pics of Sandy, Jay-t, Mylah and Greyson. We had a blast spending time with awesome friends. It was so fun to see the babies play with Jesse Ava. Jay-t played drums with Jeremiah and I introduced Sandy to the wonderful world of Charming Charlies. We cooked out, played around, and loved every minute of it!
This past weekend we had Chris, Erin, Jaden, and Bailey here. We loved making new friends. We all spent the day in Galveston. The water was cooooold!!!! But, we had so much fun! I have a bunch of pics from the beach. We also introduced them to Genghis Grill, cooked out some more, and had so much fun!
This past week Jesse Ava turned 1, and Jaela turned 7. My babies!!!! Jaela is the most grown up 7 year old I know. Such a beautiful girl and a big help around the house! Jesse Ava is the happiest little girl around! Easy, smiley, and loves her some Blake (the bass player @ our church) God is so good to us!!
This past week I have been listening to Sidewalk Prophets- a singing group. Their song "Words I Would Say" is amazing. Here are the words of the chorus:

Be strong in the Lord.
Never give up hope.
You're gonna do great things.
I already know.
God's got His hands on you,
So don't live life in fear.
Forgive and forget,
But don't forget why you're here.
Take your time to pray...
These are the words I would say.

The story behind the song- the lead singers mom called to tell him that his Grandpa was close to death. The singer was in Nashville and feared he wouldn't get home quick enough to say his goodbyes. So, he took a pen and piece of paper to write his Grandpa a letter. As he wrote the letter, he realized that the words on the page were not the words in his head. It was more like words that his Grandpa would say to him... God has ways of giving us peace in hard times. I am beyond thankful for Gods amazing grace.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun Weekend

Our family has had a great weekend!! I think I wore myself out...Planted my garden, did the flower beds, hubby mowed, got the hammock up, and a few other things. It was so amazing to finally feel great for a few days! Saturday and Sunday were the best. Everyday all day I feel floppy. (sounds silly) I am weak and exhausted all the time. Walking up and down the stairs a million times a day actually gets hard!! Funny thing is, I can run about 6-7 problem. Sometimes I feel like it limits my ability to be a mom and wife. I am so very thankful for my husband! He has filled in so well. -Notice I said FILLED IN... When I am past this, he better step aside! :o)
In the next 2 weeks my youngest will be 1 year old and my oldest will be 7. My how the time has flown. Funny to think that I was not to have anymore kids after Jaela because of my first battle with cancer. Funny how the devil tries to steal our joy. Funny how he failed...and will fail again with this attempt. I will admit, I am tired of him trying things on me!!!! But, God won't give me more than I can handle. Does the devil know who he is messing with??!! lol. He is so afraid of my faithful, strong, spirit led and filled family. That is why he is trying so hard to break us. I have tried to look at myself as lucky. (stick with me here) God has so much faith in me and knows that I am the one to kick the devil in the teeth. He knows that I will follow His lead and make it through this. I am so very thankful that it is me with this fight ahead of me and not my kids or someone who doesn't have a mighty God to follow. I say it all the time, and I will keep saying it- I am so very blessed. I choose to have a positive attitude. Our pastor compared Easter to opening day for sports. On opening day, all teams are #1. All have a fresh start, and a fighting chance to win. He wanted to give people hope and a renewed chance... I took it in a different way. With my situation, I took it as a reminder that I am not fighting alone. A sports team has fans. No matter how good they are, someone supports them. They don't know the players on a personal level, or speak to them one on one.... but the team feels the love. I feel like a player on a team with a ton of fans. They support me, root me on, push me to get up and keep going, and hope that I win. I have no idea who all reads this blog, but I know that I have so many "fans" that are screaming for me in the stands (praying, thinking about me, and encouraging me) On my tough days, that is exactly what I need!!