Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend with my Mom!!

I don't usually do all text and no picture blogs, but I wanted to blog about my mom...
My parents are great. They are so good at keeping distance when there needs to be, and stepping up to help when we need them. My mom is such a strong lady. I am very lucky to have her. Growing up, we had our moments... what mom/daughter don't?? Now we are best friends. She is so caring and selfless. When I found out that I was pregnant with Jaela, there was always the thought in my mind that I wanted to be an awesome mom like her.
My dad on the other hand.... I'm just kidding! My dad has had his rough moments. He has amazed me with all of the good changes he has made in his life. He is such an amazing PePaw, and dad. I am very thankful for my parents, and so very happy that they chose me.
This weekend I am going to Canton trades days with my mom! I can't wait! Hopefully we will find some good stuff, but most of all, we will get to spend time together.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Girl

It will only let me post so many pictures at a time... here is the last one. Remember, they are not cropped on the stinkin' CD!

Surprise for Jeremiah...

Thought it might be cool to surprise Jeremiah with new pictures of our kids. We have been talking about how fast they are all growing, so I took them tonight and got pictures done! Let me just say that taking 4 kids to an hour and a half photo session is hell. There is no nice way to put it. They turned out good. I got them on a CD too, but they put them on there as raw pictures and not cropped... they look better cropped and printed out.

Jaela is very excited about our family activity this weekend. We are serving in the "Family Promise" ministry. We will (with some sweet friends) make dinner and eat with 3 single moms and their kids all under 11. These families are homeless. The average age of a homeless person in Houston is 9 years old. That is heart breaking. Since there are about 6-7 kids, Jaela had the idea to have the moms and kids make their own pizzas. This is something that we do all the time, and the kids love it! She thought it would be something that they could do as a family. I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JoJo is 2!

my sweet blondie is 2! In the pictures before this, there is a picture of the wall in Joelle and Jesse Ava's new room. It turned out so cute!

where has time gone?!

We have been so busy!! It has been a while since the last post...sorry! We have had a great few weeks. Our sweet Joelle turned 2!!! It is crazy to think that if she had been born with clubfeet like we all thought and the sonogram said...she would still be in casts from her hips to her toes. We would just now have an evaluation to see if it was corrected enough to cut the casts in half for the next 9 months. Wow. We wouldn't get to hug and hold her without her being in pain, and she wouldn't be running around with her brother and sister. She wouldn't be pushing her baby (Bella) in the stroller or even crawling.... I will never forget the joy of the Dr. handing me each of my children for the first time. I will never forget looking at the faces of the Dr. and nurse as they looked at the sono pictures of mangled and twisted feet. I will never forget the nights I cried myself to sleep thinking about the struggle my daughter had ahead of her, and she hadn't even been born yet. I will never forget asking that people not buy footed pj's for her, or the thought of not being able to really cuddle my sweet girl. I will never forget Dr. Alling rushing Joelle off to be examined right away to see how bad her feet were. I will never forget him jumping up and down yelling "PRAISE GOD!!" when her feet were straight!!!... but most of all I will NEVER forget that my God is a healing God. Now she says "pain no way Jesus. Maman" and stomps on the devil with feet that he tried to mess with... She is an everyday reminder that our God is amazing.

Here are some pictures from her Birthday, and some other fun stuff. Mom, just for you... Joelle had cold pizza for breakfast this morning =o)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our week in a nutshell

We have had a good week in the Mohr house. 1st grade is still treating Jae well. She hasn't had any homework yet!! Our family has had fun watching these little lizards grow and run around. The kids pick them up, and they crawl all over! There are a few of them, and we think they live behind our couch... They are too cute. I can't bring myself to get rid of them! There is a new ice cream truck/man in town... He comes by our house about 3 times a week. It is always dinner time when we hear the music and horn. Jaela, Jonah and Joelle LOVE the ice cream truck! Jae has a goal of trying all the different kinds, and Jonah sticks to the teenage mutant ninja turtles...Joelle is happy with whatever. So fun! Jeremiah left around 5am to go to Colorado for the weekend. He went with his brother, Duck and a few other guys. I'm sure they will have fun! While he is away we are gonna PLAY! Tonya, Addie and Ellie are coming to stay the weekend with me! Poor Jonah. He is so very out numbered... 7-1!

We are also moving Jonah and Joelle in their own rooms in the next few weeks. Joelle will share a room with Jesse Ava. Jonah needs his own non-girl invaded room! Oh, and Jaela lost her 6th tooth last night. Man, our kids are growing up too fast!