Monday, September 21, 2015

Restart button!

This new chapter of life has started off with a nice BANG!
   We have home schooled for 5 years now, but this is all new. Since leaving Parkway UMC, God has opened doors, built relationships, and placed us in a perfect place. It just goes to show that God's plans are far better than we could expect.

There is a large number of homeschooling families in our new church home! We started up a small co-op for this school year…and so far, it is fabulous! This is such an answered prayer! Let's be honest…some days are perfect. No tears, compliant kids, get 'er done kind of days. Other days, are not so great. Tears, fights to get a sentence written, an unbelievable amount of interruptions, and frustration. (like today…) I cannot express how thankful I am to now have a faith based community of moms who understand and build me up! These ladies love my kids. They make an effort to strengthen my children with their words and actions. That blesses me! You see, here are my transparent thoughts- Right now, my husband and I have the privilege of choosing who influences our kids. We create the environment in which their foundation is built. This is no small venture. As our pastor said a few weeks ago, "Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future."

With that being said, I am super excited about our future!

There is way more to this adventure…

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